Wheelchairs and Motorized Lifts in Birmingham and Huntsville

Motorized lifts and wheelchairs solve many mobility issues

Today motorized lifts and wheelchairs are essential pieces of equipment for people with mobility issues.  Jazzy power chairs provide you with easy touch-button mobility and their advanced mid-wheel drive technology enables you to turn on a tight radius.  Maximum mobility, comfort and ease of use are some of the key features of Jazzy motorized wheelchairs. The Stylus manual wheelchair is great option for active customers and comes with useful features such as smooth drive tires and tension adjustable seating.

Elrod Mobility is customer focused supplier of mobility products and solutions in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. They offer a wide and superior range of mobility products, including motorized lifts and wheelchairs. Whether you want a power chair or prefer a manually operated wheelchair, Elrod offers a wide selection to meet the needs of many discerning customers.

Stair cases and elevated areas often pose problems for handicapped and elderly people. Motorized lifts helps to solve mobility restrictions caused by stair cases. Sterling stair lifts can be used on most types of stair cases including ones that turn corners.  Home elevators and stair lifts gives you easy access to upper floors so you don’t have to be restricted to one level of your home. Motorized stair lifts come in two flavors:  one system for straight stairs and another system for curved stairs.

These motorized lifts integrate nicely with your stair case without distracting from the design and aesthetics of your home. Stair lifts are easy to use and provide a safe and convenient way for you to travel up and down a stair case.

Now you can enjoy the freedom and independence provided by state of the art power chairs, wheelchairs, motorized lifts, travel scooters, stair lifts and related products and accessories.  You don’t have to be restricted in your home or on your travels.