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The New Mobility of Wheelchairs and Hospital Beds

Wheelchairs nowadays

Do you have mobility problems that make it difficult for you to walk around? If your answer to this question is yes, then probably the best solution for you would be to purchase a wheelchair. This medical equipment comes in different shapes and sizes, and because they are very useful for those who are disabled, or who have locomotor problems, they can be found almost everywhere, including areas such as Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa.

If you need to cover long distances, for example to go to your relatives, or to a supermarket to buy food, the best solution for you would be to buy a motorized wheelchair. Unlike a simple one, this particular one has an electric motor that powers the wheels, and because all the advances made in the battery technology, and in the building of parts for these medical equipment, modern devices like these can cover up to 50 miles, and are fully charged in only 4 hours.

Furthermore, if you want to go somewhere using a wheelchair, you no longer have to worry about having to climb steps. This happens because nowadays, companies must install either a wheelchair lift or a ramp, so those who have trouble moving can easy access a building or get on the bus.

You should also pay attention to your health insurance, because your insurer may have to pay for your chairlift, if that is included in your insurance package. Lots of insurance companies nowadays offer medical equipment coverage, so it is always worth checking, because it can help you save some money, which can be very important for senior citizens with a lower income.

In conclusion, a wheelchair is a very efficient way for those who find it hard to move or for those who are handicapped, to simply recover a part of their mobility.

Home Elevators and Wheelchairs Gadsden and Huntsville

Home elevators and stair lifts gives you access to all levels of your home

Home accessibility is important to any homeowner or resident.  However if you have some handicap that causes mobility issues you may not be able to access all areas of your home. For example flights of stairs can pose a serious challenge to people with mobility issues. Elrod Mobility provides mobility product and solutions to people in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

Home elevators and stair lifts can solve mobility issues for thousands of people.  A sterling stair lift is the perfect solution for navigating a flight of stairs.  The smart power chairs can negotiate straight stairs as well a curved stairs. These home elevators will enable to enjoy all levels of your home.

Stair lifts provide a convenient and safe way to ascend or descend a flight of stairs. You can select from stair lifts that are suitable for straight stair cases or ones that are able to turn corners. They also have perch seat options that cater for people with restricted knee and hip movements.

Stair lifts consist of a track, a power pack and the chair seat. These systems are integrated with your stair case in a way that does not compromise the aesthetics of your home. Since the unit is fitted to the staircase and not the wall, you won’t need to worry about redecorating and similar inconveniences. You can select from a range to upholstery colors in order to match to your existing color schemes.

Sterling stair lifts are very safe and are easy to use.  An accessible key switch enables the user to disable the system and prevent children or others from playing with the chair.  Direction of travel can be changed be pressing a switch.  Remote controls enable you to call the power chair between levels. Your stair lift is battery powered so you don’t need to worry about power failures.

You don’t need to be restricted to one level of your home. Regain your ability and independence with a Sterling power stair lift.

Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs: Anniston, Huntsville, and Montgomery

Hospital beds and wheelchairs for improved and enhanced assisted living

Hospital beds have special features designed to maximise the comfort of bedridden and elderly patients. Hospital beds are designed with both the patient and caregiver in mind. Advanced design enables ease of use, enhances safety and results in improved medical care. Accessories such as electronic controls, safety bars, bariatric trapezes, bed pans, pumps and pads all help to maximize patient care.

Electronic controls enable a patient or caregiver to adjust the bed for various sitting and sleeping positions. This is very important especially for people who are bedridden for long periods of time. Comfort is an important benefit provided by a modern hospital bed. In addition hospital beds also provide real and measurable health benefits.

Elrod Mobility supplies state art hospital beds and medical equipment in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. These beds are suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, medical facilities, care centers, old aged homes as well as private homes. Whether you need a profiling bed, bariatric bed or therapeutic bed, Elrod will have the right hospital bed for your needs.


People with mobility issues can benefit greatly from today’s modern wheelchairs. Jazzy power chairs offer many advanced features that improve manoeuvrability as well as safety.  The motorized wheelchairs are easy to use and offer fingertip control for improved steering, braking, turning and driving.  Ingenious mid-wheel drive design means you can turn in small spaces and manoeuvre with ease and safety. Elrod Mobility also stocks manual wheelchairs for people who don’t want to invest in power chairs or may only need the assistance of a wheelchair for a short space of time.


Motorized wheelchairs means you can have that independence that you need and deserve. They can be used at home, in public places and during your travels. When it comes to getting around, you don’t have to be compromised as a result of handicap.

Wheelchairs and Motorized Lifts in Birmingham and Huntsville

Motorized lifts and wheelchairs solve many mobility issues

Today motorized lifts and wheelchairs are essential pieces of equipment for people with mobility issues.  Jazzy power chairs provide you with easy touch-button mobility and their advanced mid-wheel drive technology enables you to turn on a tight radius.  Maximum mobility, comfort and ease of use are some of the key features of Jazzy motorized wheelchairs. The Stylus manual wheelchair is great option for active customers and comes with useful features such as smooth drive tires and tension adjustable seating.

Elrod Mobility is customer focused supplier of mobility products and solutions in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. They offer a wide and superior range of mobility products, including motorized lifts and wheelchairs. Whether you want a power chair or prefer a manually operated wheelchair, Elrod offers a wide selection to meet the needs of many discerning customers.

Stair cases and elevated areas often pose problems for handicapped and elderly people. Motorized lifts helps to solve mobility restrictions caused by stair cases. Sterling stair lifts can be used on most types of stair cases including ones that turn corners.  Home elevators and stair lifts gives you easy access to upper floors so you don’t have to be restricted to one level of your home. Motorized stair lifts come in two flavors:  one system for straight stairs and another system for curved stairs.

These motorized lifts integrate nicely with your stair case without distracting from the design and aesthetics of your home. Stair lifts are easy to use and provide a safe and convenient way for you to travel up and down a stair case.

Now you can enjoy the freedom and independence provided by state of the art power chairs, wheelchairs, motorized lifts, travel scooters, stair lifts and related products and accessories.  You don’t have to be restricted in your home or on your travels.