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Walk in tubs and showers in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Anniston

Walk in tubs and showers allow for easy entry and exit into baths and showers


Daily activities such as bathing and showering can prove challenging if you are handicapped in some way.  Walk in tubs and walk in showers provide easier access and exit for people with mobility issues. However they are not only for people with mobility issues. If you simply like the idea of ultimate convenience you will also derive much pleasure and satisfaction from a specially designed walk in tub or floor level shower.


If you reside in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery or Tuscaloosa you can consult with the team at Elrod Mobility regarding functional, stylish, convenient and safe walk in tubs and showers. Their step-in safety tubs have a seat area and allow users to enter the bath without having to climb over the sides.   Many walk in tubs also have a quick drain system which allows for faster exit. Walk in tubs are ideal for people who are in a wheelchair or suffer from arthritis or any other disability that makes it difficult or impossible to step over the side of the tub.


Most people understand the concept and design of a walk in tub, but a walk in shower can be a bit more confusing. Basically a walk in shower is a floor level shower with no door.  Some designs have an opening that allows for sufficient radius beyond the wet area of the shower.  However a correctly tiled walk in shower with sufficient drainage will not hold any water irrespective of the dimensions. A properly designed floor level shower will also contain the shower splash within its boundaries.


Walk in showers are very useful for handicapped and elderly people and they are also popular with people who do not face mobility issues.  Many public facilities such as schools, colleges and gyms have walk in showers. However most of the public walks in showers are not as stylish as the one you will have in your home.