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The New Mobility of Wheelchairs and Hospital Beds

Wheelchairs nowadays

Do you have mobility problems that make it difficult for you to walk around? If your answer to this question is yes, then probably the best solution for you would be to purchase a wheelchair. This medical equipment comes in different shapes and sizes, and because they are very useful for those who are disabled, or who have locomotor problems, they can be found almost everywhere, including areas such as Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa.

If you need to cover long distances, for example to go to your relatives, or to a supermarket to buy food, the best solution for you would be to buy a motorized wheelchair. Unlike a simple one, this particular one has an electric motor that powers the wheels, and because all the advances made in the battery technology, and in the building of parts for these medical equipment, modern devices like these can cover up to 50 miles, and are fully charged in only 4 hours.

Furthermore, if you want to go somewhere using a wheelchair, you no longer have to worry about having to climb steps. This happens because nowadays, companies must install either a wheelchair lift or a ramp, so those who have trouble moving can easy access a building or get on the bus.

You should also pay attention to your health insurance, because your insurer may have to pay for your chairlift, if that is included in your insurance package. Lots of insurance companies nowadays offer medical equipment coverage, so it is always worth checking, because it can help you save some money, which can be very important for senior citizens with a lower income.

In conclusion, a wheelchair is a very efficient way for those who find it hard to move or for those who are handicapped, to simply recover a part of their mobility.

Home elevators in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery

Home elevators and stair lifts gives you access to all levels of your home

Stair cases can pose big challenges to people with mobility issues. Not having easy and convenient access to all levels of your home can be frustrating and annoying. Home elevators and stair lifts are the best way to solve the access issues.

Elrod Mobility is a leading supplier of home elevators and stair lifts in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

There are different types of home elevators and they usually distinguished by their drive systems. The main types are cable and drum, hydraulic, chain drive, gear drive and vacuum tube. Each system has it pros and cons and the experts at Elrod can advise you regard a suitable home elevator system for you.


Some of past problems with home elevators related to the amount of space required as well as the cost.  New technologies have solved these issues.  For example the new vacuum elevator takes much less space, is quick to install and comes at a competitive price. This is quite a modern contraption that has that space age look.  The round the translucent tube is aesthetically pleasing and has a small space footprint. There are no cables as the lift is lowered or raised by differences in air pressure. This pneumatic home elevator will likely take the market by storm.


Another useful product that will help you navigate between different levels is a stair lift. They are cheaper than home elevators and can solve many problems posed by stair cases.  Stair lifts can worl with straight stair case as well as ones that curve and turn corners. These smart power chairs can be nicely integrated into your home without distracting from your décor and aesthetics.


You don’t need to be restricted to a specific level of your home. With the right mobility products such as home elevators and stair lifts you can have the freedom of movement you deserve.




Pride Travel Scooters and the Relevance in Tuscaloosa, AL

Shopping For Groceries With Pride Travel Scooters

It is never easy. Groceries keep adding up in your shopping basket and the only thing you can think about is, “How am I going to be able to take these home with me?”. They are heavy, they occupy a lot of space, and they get you tired.

Could Pride travel scooters help you manage this challenge smoothly?

Whether we are talking about youngsters or seniors, nobody likes to carry the heavy bags back home. And the car is not always an option: it’s useless to drive to a supermarket if it’s very close to where you live. This is the case for many people from Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa.

Or maybe you don’t own a car.

Or maybe you drive to the supermarket, but you get tired from walking on foot.

Is this you?

Well, seniors will be happy to hear our solution for them. You can go on shopping sprees to the nearby supermarket. You won’t get tired from walking down the aisles. You won’t get tired from having to carry the heavy bags back home.

All Pride travel scooters are user-friendly and therefore easily disassembled. They can be stored in the back of your car and assembled on the spot. Their compact size allows you to sneak in the smallest places.

And go shopping.

Quality features

Every Pride Travel scooter is equipped with a basket where you can place your products. The chairs are rotating 360 degrees, and the battery lasts more than on other similar scooters. The High quality construction even gives you the chance to choose the color of the panels (red, blue or silver).

The best thing about these scooters is the handle bar: you have a horn button, a speed adjustment dial and a battery condition meter – so you know exactly how much time you have left to finish your shopping spree.

Pride Travel Scooters and Scooter Lifts in Birmingham

Pride travel scooters for improved mobility and independence

Here at Elrod we understand the frustration that mobility problems can cause. When all want to be able to go to the shop, run a basic errand or simply enjoy a day out in nature.  The good news is that we have solutions for you. Pride Travel Scooters is the answer to many of your transport needs.

We help the people ANNISTON, BIRMINGHAM, GADSDEN, HUNTSVILLE, MONTGOMERY and TUSCALOOSA solve their mobility issues.  If your mobility is impaired we have a scooter that will remove many of your restrictions and give you back your independence.  Pride travel scooters also come with all the bells and whistles that make it your perfect travel companion.

Models with enhances suspension enables you to enjoy the outdoor and those scenic routes. Easy handling and smooth performance makes going to the shop a breeze.. Now you don’t need to be stuck without transport when travel with friends or relatives. Feather light assembly and disassembly means you can take you Pride Scooter with you most places you go.

Whatever your handicap we have a scooter to match your needs. Check our brochure or speak to one of our friendly consultants and say goodbye to restrictions caused by mobility challenges. You deserve the freedom and independence that a suitable travel scooter will provide.

Pride Travel Scooter Lifts

Vehicles, doorways, steps, chairs and similar obstacles can pose access challenges for scooters and power chairs. That is when you need a Pride scooter lift to help lift your scooter over obstacles and obstructions. Our scooter lifts and ramps are packed with features that will simply your mobility issues and make your life easier and hassle free.  Ease of use, reliability and vehicle compatibility are just some of the features that makes our scooter lifts a must have to help you transport your scooter and navigate troublesome obstacles.

Our scooter lifts and ramps also come with all required accessories such as battery packs and chargers that make lifting or transporting your scooter or power chairs a breeze. Extend your reach with a Pride scooter lift or ramp.

Walk In Showers | Walk In Tubs | Birmingham | Hunstville | Montgomery

Walk in Showers Hunstville: New bathtubs or walk in showers?

Walk in Showers Huntsville: When replacing the old cast iron tub you have two tempting choices: bathtub or walk in shower. Ease of installation and maintenance, material strength and the ability to save water – all these are factors by which you can buy a sanitary appliance to thank you in the long run. If you live in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery or Tuscaloosa you will surely find a company that can provide you with walk in showers and walk in tubs.

Whatever the pros and cons of bathtub or walk in shower, personal preference is the one that says the last word. The general trend is to replace modern shower tubs suitable for small bathrooms. If you are undecided, there are several criteria by which you can orient yourself:

1. Water consumption. One advantage of walk in showers is that it you can save water. At a quick shower you will only consume half cubic meter of water.

2. Maintenance. Email, tin or steel tub is harder to maintain. Having a large area is much more easier to be scratched. To clean it you put more effort and in time it may be necessary to enamel it. On the other hand, you can make a walk in shower to in a few minutes using cleaners for glass, enamels and plastics.

3. Bathroom space. In a modest bathroom, bathtub isn’t the best choice. However, if you do not want to give up this option, corner bath is the best. It is a good choice if you have a classic-style home. The walk in showers are suitable acquisitions in a modern house.

4. Assembly mode. Walk in shower tubs don’t require special installation techniques. If the parts of a walk in shower are not fitted tightly and are not well insulated, you may experience water leakage.

5. Fabrication material. Walk in showers with glass walls are fragile. One solution would be to buy a walk in shower of secured glass. Regarding walk in shower’s tub it would be better to be of acrylic.

Home Elevators | Lift Chairs | Birmingham | Montgomery | Huntsville

Home Elevators Huntsville: The benefits of lift chairs

 Home Elevators Hunstville: For homes with stairs, which in time, with age have become barriers difficult to reach, lift chairs are the one who transforms your living room into a friendly place. In the US there are companies who provide these kinds of chairs and you can find them in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

The lift chairs are intended for persons, with reduced mobility, which don’t use a wheelchair that is used in particular in residential spaces. It is a very useful elevator, which can be installed on any right scale with a width greater than 700 mm. The chair lift is designed in such a way that it does not alter the essential interior is very suitable even in heritage buildings. The engine power is provided with a 24-Volt battery that does not require maintenance. The controls are very simple, intuitive and usable even by those with limited dexterity. From the point of view of safety, the plant meets the latest industry standards. The vehicle stops instantly when meets an obstacle due to the five sensors installed on the support legs and the sides. Has a system of mechanical and electrical protection against running speed when descending. The seat is equipped with a seatbelt and armrests. Running speed is fixed, about 2.4 m/min.

The lift chair occupies very little space. In operation has the depth of 600 mm and when not in use, the legs fold vertically, occupying a minimum space of around 350 mm. Looking in the direction of ascent, the elevator can be installed on the left or on the right of the stairs. The seat safely supports a person of up to 125 kg.

All parts of the system are protected against corrosion with anodizing and painting in electrostatic field. The seat is upholstered with leather imitation material. Lift chairs are discreet and elegant, very silent and they can be installed quickly and easily.

Wheelchairs | Motorized Lifts | Anniston | Birmingham | Gadsden

Wheelchairs Gadsen: How To Interact With People In Wheelchairs

 Wheelchairs Gadsden: Before you start reading this article, there is one thing you must understand about people who are using wheelchairs: no matter if they are from Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa or anywhere else in the world, they are no different than you.

However, many people don’t know how to act around a person who is physically challenged, and more than often these situations are queer and clumsy.

But getting along with people who are using motorized lifts or wheelchairs is a piece of cake really. Here are some things you can do if you hit a “stage fright”:

  1. Be yourself. Don’t worry about using phrases such as “let’s go for a walk” or “running along”; these people are not absurd and they understand what you mean. Joke with them and be yourself. After all, they are normal people just like you and I, they have the same thinking, and, believe it or not, often times they are more open to conversation than others.
  2. Don’t pity them. Many of these people struggle to overcome the stigma of “different”. They are aware of the situation they are in and they are not asking for your pity, but for your support. So look at them as normal persons and treat them as such. This is all they want and expect from you.
  3. Keep your observations to yourself. Don’t assault the other person with questions or observations about the wheelchair unless you have a really good, valid question to address. Act as if the wheelchair is not there.
  4. Respect them all the time, even when they are not present. Parking lots, specially designed public spaces and accessible ramps are made for these people; respect their situation and don’t occupy their spots… ever.

Walk In Showers | Walk In Tubs | Birmingham | Anniston | Gadsden

Walk in Showers Birmingham: More Than Just a Touch Of Coolness In Your Bathroom

Walk In Showers Birmingham: Did you notice there is one element which is very fashionable today and which can make your bathroom look awesome?

What is more, they do not only look awesome but also have a practical use.

We are talking about walk in showers Anniston, also known as walk in tubs Birmingham. If you are wondering about their advantages and if you are looking for reasons to have one in your bathroom as well, then read on; we have put together a list of these showers’ strongest points.

  1. They make your bathroom look large. And boy do big bathrooms look good! Plus, they are usually built using ceramic tiles, which guarantees they will have a long life. So once it is installed, your walk in shower Gadsden will look good for years to come.
  2. They are great for people who are physically challenged. Those who have reduced mobility will like this “fashion item” the most. If you contact the right provider, they will be able to come up with the right solution that perfectly fits your needs. And this, regardless of the bathroom’s size.
  3. You don’t risk slipping and falling when you get out of the shower. Since you don’t have to lift your feet up in the air and take that “leap of faith” to the other side of the shower, you do not risk breaking your bones because of the slippery surface. Walk in showers eliminate this fear especially for parents who worry about their children.
  4. They don’t leak. Those who build these kinds of showers also have special materials with which they isolate the shower so it does not leak.

If you decide to install  walk in tubs Anniston in your house, then congratulations! You will be able to experience the thrill of morning showers without worrying about safety and water leakage.

Motorized Wheelchairs | Pride Travel Scooters | Birmingham | Huntsville | Montgomery

Motorized Wheelchairs Birmingham: Should Children Have Access

Motorized Wheelchairs Birmingham: Children think that everything is allowed, and they are especially attracted by objects and items which can move on their own, make funny sounds, and so on. If you are a senior who is using motorized wheelchairs Huntsville or Pride Travel Scooters Birmingham, then perhaps you will want to read this article.

Children are universally attracted to wheelchairs, because they are different from the chairs they are used to – it doesn’t matter if the kids are from Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa… or from anywhere else in the world. They will want to play with it.

But is this a good thing?

Of course, we are not talking here about children who do use these chairs as a means of transportation. We are talking here to grandparents who are using them – should they allow their nephews and nieces access to their motorized wheelchairs?

Some people would agree that there is nothing wrong with allowing children to quench their curiosity, and it is totally true. As long as the little ones are under close adult supervision, there should be no restriction.

However, children might present a tendency to want to use the devices as often as possible. This is where parents and grandparents should intervene and explain that these devices are not for them.

Children need to take up sports at an early age, they need to run, jump and play with others. While it is okay to “test” the motorized wheelchairs Montgomery, this should not become a habit.

Are you using a motorized wheelchair yourself? Do children want to have a ride in it? How do you manage this situation? Let us know in the Comments section below.

Home Elevators | Montgomery | Hunstville | Birmingham

Home Elevators Hunstville: The cost of saving more

Home Elevators Birmingham: Every day people are challenged by the problem of staircases. Especially when it comes to the elderly or the physically challenged, the issue is highly important and requires immediate solutions.

Home Elevators: costly or… highly efficient?

But many people refuse to have home elevators installed in their houses because they think it is costly. However, if you think about it in the long run, you have nothing to lose if you install such a device at home.

The advantages of home elevators Montgomery

Whether you are thinking about installing home elevators for yourself or at the workplace (to help your clients), there will always be someone who will appreciate your efforts.

  1. Instead of living on a single level of your home, imagine yourself enjoying all the extra space of an extra floor – how long has it been since you last went to the second floor without gasping or coughing?
  2. Imagine it only takes you a couple of seconds to get on top of the stairs.
  3. You no longer depend on someone else to help you; you are independent and self-confident again.

If you consider all these elements for the long run, the investment you make for home elevators pays off tens of times more. Whether you live in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, or Tuscaloosa you can benefit from all the advantages of home elevators.

Don’t think about them as a whim or an impediment. Use them to make your life easier and to regain your independence.

How to use home elevators

These products are created with the consumer in mind and they are also known as stair lifts, because they are directly fitted on to the staircase. They are comprised of a track, which is fitted to the stairs, a power pack – attached to the track – and a seat.

To operate them, all you need to do is press a switch in the direction you want to go.