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Lift Chairs, Home Elevators in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Lift Chairs Make Living With Osteoarthritis Easier Than Ever Before


Are you thinking about buying lift chairs at home?

Home elevators can be a really good investment when you are suffering from osteoarthritis or other boned-related condition. But how do you know it is time to make such a purchase?

Since home elevators are not quite the cheapest buy, so you need to ponder upon such a purchase for long enough to make sure that it is worth the pay.

Lift chairs or home elevators?

To start with, the two are entirely different: home elevators are… well, elevators, while lift chairs resemble an armchair which has a lifting mechanism. In short, the lift chair helps you get up on your feet easier and faster, reducing considerably the amount of pain you feel during the sitting down / standing up procedure.

Lift chairs are extremely useful for the elderly, infirm or physically challenged, but they can also be used with great results by those who suffer from osteoarthritis. You can “complete” your lift chair with lifting cushions; they are meant to be used as an alternative to the chair – they are less expensive, but can be unstable if not positioned correctly.

On the other side, home elevators are a great investment if you can’t climb the stairs: either because of the pain caused by a bone-condition, or because or infirmity. People who use a wheelchair will find the investment especially useful, because home elevators provide a simple and fast means of getting to the upper floors of a house – this is a thing that is otherwise impossible for them to do on their own.

All in all, it is obvious that the two devices can really help you cope with osteoarthritis. You can find high quality lift chairs and home elevator systems in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa.

Lift Chairs and Scooter Lifts in Birmingham and Bessemer, AL

Lift Chairs and Scooter lifts provide comfort and mobility for the handicapped

Lift chairs offer many benefits and makes sitting down and getting up much easier for elderly people with brittle bones and weak muscles. It also makes it easy for someone in a wheelchair to transfer to and from a lift chair.  This also provides people who have spinal injuries more freedom and independence as they can often transfer themselves without the assistance of relative or care giver. People who have arthritis can also benefit from a lift chair as it takes the pressure off the joints, reduces the need for bending and other tasks that would otherwise be painful.

If you need a lift chair in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery or Tuscaloosa speak to the people at Elrod Mobility. They carry the Pride Line of lift chairs and there chairs are stylish, comfortable, affordable, reliable and easy to use. You can choose a new model or even a quality second hand one.

Just as lift chairs makes it easier for handicapped people to sit comfortably, scooter lifts improve their mobility so you they can function better and enjoy life more. Now a handicapped person can do daily errands, take a ride into nature and do many things that would not be possible without the help and assistance of others. Pride scooter lifts are reliable, smooth, easy to use, safe and affordable. If you are handicapped don’t let your disability prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. You have a right and you deserve it. Let the people from Elrod help you select the right lift chair or scooter lift for your needs. This way whether you live in Anniston, Gadsen, Huntsville or anywhere else in Alabama, you can relax in a comfortable chair watching TV or use your scooter lift to get around and do some of the things you love to do.

Lift Chairs and The Elderly: Service in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa

How Lift Chairs Are Helping The Elderly To Lead An Independent Life

There comes a time in the life of every human being when you simply cannot make it on your own anymore. It is something most of us find it very difficult to accept, especially after a lifetime of being independent – and successful – without needing help from anyone.

Are you in your senior age? Then you are probably looking for tools and tricks that can help you live a happy and independent life.

Don’t worry. There is one place you can start: getting up easier and faster with the help of lift chairs. And trust me, sometimes even adolescents find it difficult to stand up on their two feet…

Imagine you are sitting in a comfortable chair. Its cosy and you are reading one of your favourite novels. You could be anywhere right now: Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa… it doesn’t really matter, because you are absorbed by what’s going on in the novel.

Yet, you still have to stand up at a certain moment. But it’s so difficult…. Your bones ache, your muscles are not listening.

You’re thinking about asking for help. But why do it?

Just grasp the remote control of the chair you are sitting into. Click on a button, and the chair starts to lift you up, helping you to stand. No more bone or muscle pain… and no more asking for help from others.

Lift chairs are an incredible invention; they are destined to help the elderly perform daily, routine tasks without the help of their family members. They are also a great means of helping you stay independent from others – which is something we all desire, don’t we?