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The New Mobility of Wheelchairs and Hospital Beds

Wheelchairs nowadays

Do you have mobility problems that make it difficult for you to walk around? If your answer to this question is yes, then probably the best solution for you would be to purchase a wheelchair. This medical equipment comes in different shapes and sizes, and because they are very useful for those who are disabled, or who have locomotor problems, they can be found almost everywhere, including areas such as Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa.

If you need to cover long distances, for example to go to your relatives, or to a supermarket to buy food, the best solution for you would be to buy a motorized wheelchair. Unlike a simple one, this particular one has an electric motor that powers the wheels, and because all the advances made in the battery technology, and in the building of parts for these medical equipment, modern devices like these can cover up to 50 miles, and are fully charged in only 4 hours.

Furthermore, if you want to go somewhere using a wheelchair, you no longer have to worry about having to climb steps. This happens because nowadays, companies must install either a wheelchair lift or a ramp, so those who have trouble moving can easy access a building or get on the bus.

You should also pay attention to your health insurance, because your insurer may have to pay for your chairlift, if that is included in your insurance package. Lots of insurance companies nowadays offer medical equipment coverage, so it is always worth checking, because it can help you save some money, which can be very important for senior citizens with a lower income.

In conclusion, a wheelchair is a very efficient way for those who find it hard to move or for those who are handicapped, to simply recover a part of their mobility.

Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs: Anniston, Huntsville, and Montgomery

Hospital beds and wheelchairs for improved and enhanced assisted living

Hospital beds have special features designed to maximise the comfort of bedridden and elderly patients. Hospital beds are designed with both the patient and caregiver in mind. Advanced design enables ease of use, enhances safety and results in improved medical care. Accessories such as electronic controls, safety bars, bariatric trapezes, bed pans, pumps and pads all help to maximize patient care.

Electronic controls enable a patient or caregiver to adjust the bed for various sitting and sleeping positions. This is very important especially for people who are bedridden for long periods of time. Comfort is an important benefit provided by a modern hospital bed. In addition hospital beds also provide real and measurable health benefits.

Elrod Mobility supplies state art hospital beds and medical equipment in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. These beds are suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, medical facilities, care centers, old aged homes as well as private homes. Whether you need a profiling bed, bariatric bed or therapeutic bed, Elrod will have the right hospital bed for your needs.


People with mobility issues can benefit greatly from today’s modern wheelchairs. Jazzy power chairs offer many advanced features that improve manoeuvrability as well as safety.  The motorized wheelchairs are easy to use and offer fingertip control for improved steering, braking, turning and driving.  Ingenious mid-wheel drive design means you can turn in small spaces and manoeuvre with ease and safety. Elrod Mobility also stocks manual wheelchairs for people who don’t want to invest in power chairs or may only need the assistance of a wheelchair for a short space of time.


Motorized wheelchairs means you can have that independence that you need and deserve. They can be used at home, in public places and during your travels. When it comes to getting around, you don’t have to be compromised as a result of handicap.

Hospital Beds and Wheelchairs in Gadsden and Huntsville

Hospital beds, wheelchairs and mobility products to suit your needs

Whether you are an individual, a hospital or nursing home, you can find quality mobility products such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, stair lifts and more at Elrod Mobility. They provide the communities and medical care facilities of Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa with cost effective mobility and related products and services.

Elderly and bed-ridden people require suitable hospital beds that have important features to help them rest and sleep in comfort. When you want maximum comfort and convenience you need features such as bed pans, safety bars, scales, easy exit, adjustable components,

Elrod Mobility can provide hospital beds that are suitable for different uses including bariatric, intensive care, rehabilitation, home care, maternal care as well as for surgical needs. You can select from economic home care models to more advanced beds with many important and useful features. Hospital beds have spring frames and can be manual of fully electric. So whether you need a manual spring frame bed, a fully powered home care bed or a queen size adjustable bed, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Wheelchairs are another important mobility product that is available in different models that range from manual wheelchairs to advanced power chairs. Motorized wheelchairs can add a whole new dimension to a patient’s mobility, providing fingertip control.  For example the Jazzy Power Chair offers unbelievable manoeuvrability that enables the user to turn on the proverbial coin. If you are looking for a wheelchair that is smart in design, durable, reliable, easy to use and will provide you the kind of independence you deserve, you need look no further than a Jazzy power chair.

People who prefer manual wheelchairs can select from can select from models such as the Stylus and Lifestream.

Whatever your mobility requirements, be it a wheelchair, a hospital bed,  a lift chair or a power chair, you will find the right solution for your needs and your situation at Elrod.

Hospital Beds in The Areas of Huntsville and Montgomery

Main Features Of Quality Hospital Beds

 Hospital beds are not the average beds that you sleep in at home every night. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of patients who are recovering from surgeries, accidents, or health problems.

Every hospital from Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa has this kind of hospital beds, plus other hospital equipment such as wheelchairs, which help patients recover faster and at the same time stay comfortable.

What are the differences between normal beds and hospital beds?

Well, the only things they have in common is that they are both beds: both have a mattress, bed linen, pillows, etc. But that is about it with the common features… because hospital beds differ in many aspects from normal beds.

To start with, each hospital bed has wheels. These beds are often used to transport patients to and from the OR, therefore they need to be easily moved from one part of the hospital to another.

Then, most hospital beds have a remote control attached to them. The remote control allows the patient and nurses to adjust the height of the bed, as well as their position in bed. Some people prefer to lay low, while others want a higher position, which allows them to look throughout the room and socialize with their visitors. Moreover, some patients are required to stay in a certain position for their recovery to take place. This is where the remote control comes in really handy.

Going on, another important feature of hospital beds are the side rails. These can be raised or lowered, and their main use is to make sure that the patient will not fall from the bed. They are used especially when children are hospitalized, but they can also be used to make the adult patient feel more secure.

Home Elevators and Hospital Beds in Bessemer and Montgomery

Home elevators and hospital beds improve your home care facilities

When you face mobility issues, getting around your home can be difficult and troublesome. Home elevators provide the solution to such mobility problems.  If you live in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery or Tuscaloosa you can get safe and affordable solutions to help make your home more accessible. Elrod Mobility provides quality and stylish home elevators that help you overcome the access problems posed by staircases and upper levels.

If you have a multi-story house you don’t need to be confined to one level. Whether you have a straight staircase or one that turns corners, there is an affordable stair lift solution for you. The Sterling range of stairlifts and home elevators are not only cost effective, they are also stylish and safe. They seamlessly integrate into your house and do not distract from your interior design.

Home elevators are not only for indoor use. There could be elevated areas such as porches and raised decks. Sterling stairlifts solves your access and mobility problems, whether for inside staircases or elevated areas outside. Even accessing a basement can be troublesome or impossible without a stairlift solution. You no longer need to be confined to certain areas of your home. Why be restricted when a cost effective home elevator can give you full access to all areas and levels of your home?

For bed ridden and elderly people who need maximum comfort, support and flexibility, hospital beds are a good option. These beds are adjustable so you can select a more comfortable position. These electric powered beds provide both foot and head adjustments. Overlays and pressure relieving mattresses provide additional comfort. Hospital beds can easily be fitted with useful accessories such as bed rails, overbed tables for eating as well as trapezes for easier transfer.

Home care and hospital beds can greatly improve the comfort and lifestyle of  infirm, elderly and bed-ridden people.

Hospital Beds in Gadsden, Birmingham, and Huntsville

Is Someone Dear Spending This Christmas In Hospital?

Christmas is a time of giving, of being thankful and kind. It is also time we spend together as families, united through wealth and sickness. That is right, we must be close to the ones we love especially if they are going through a tough period in their lives; especially if they are sick; and most importantly, our presence is needed when our dear ones are spending their holidays in a hospital because of deteriorating health conditions.

Well, nobody likes being in a hospital, and we like it even less when we’re staying in a hospital for the holidays.

So how can you help your good friend enjoy the holy days of Christmas? Here are some ideas that might help.

In towns such as Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, or Tuscaloosa a lot of hospitals organize a special Christmas day for their patients. Thus, patients who usually spend their days in hospital beds have a pleasant surprise on Christmas.

It is even more important that Christmas is celebrated in children’s hospitals, because they are the ones who truly believe in the magic of these holidays.

If you know a child who is spending this Christmas in hospital beds, you can bring a smile on their face by paying them a visit disguised as Santa. After all, you know that Santa never forgets to give presents to all children, regardless of where they are.

What is more, you can help the hospital organize a party-like afternoon for the children. You can share candies (as much as candies are allowed in their diet), toys, or small gifts which will not negatively affect their recovery process.

This Christmas you too can bring happiness to the ones you love, even though they are spending their holidays in a hospital. Try not to be affected by the fact that you are in a hospital; on contrary, think about this in the long run: it is all for the well-being of your dear one.