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Lift Chairs and The Elderly: Service in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa

How Lift Chairs Are Helping The Elderly To Lead An Independent Life

There comes a time in the life of every human being when you simply cannot make it on your own anymore. It is something most of us find it very difficult to accept, especially after a lifetime of being independent – and successful – without needing help from anyone.

Are you in your senior age? Then you are probably looking for tools and tricks that can help you live a happy and independent life.

Don’t worry. There is one place you can start: getting up easier and faster with the help of lift chairs. And trust me, sometimes even adolescents find it difficult to stand up on their two feet…

Imagine you are sitting in a comfortable chair. Its cosy and you are reading one of your favourite novels. You could be anywhere right now: Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa… it doesn’t really matter, because you are absorbed by what’s going on in the novel.

Yet, you still have to stand up at a certain moment. But it’s so difficult…. Your bones ache, your muscles are not listening.

You’re thinking about asking for help. But why do it?

Just grasp the remote control of the chair you are sitting into. Click on a button, and the chair starts to lift you up, helping you to stand. No more bone or muscle pain… and no more asking for help from others.

Lift chairs are an incredible invention; they are destined to help the elderly perform daily, routine tasks without the help of their family members. They are also a great means of helping you stay independent from others – which is something we all desire, don’t we?

Hospital Beds in Gadsden, Birmingham, and Huntsville

Is Someone Dear Spending This Christmas In Hospital?

Christmas is a time of giving, of being thankful and kind. It is also time we spend together as families, united through wealth and sickness. That is right, we must be close to the ones we love especially if they are going through a tough period in their lives; especially if they are sick; and most importantly, our presence is needed when our dear ones are spending their holidays in a hospital because of deteriorating health conditions.

Well, nobody likes being in a hospital, and we like it even less when we’re staying in a hospital for the holidays.

So how can you help your good friend enjoy the holy days of Christmas? Here are some ideas that might help.

In towns such as Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, or Tuscaloosa a lot of hospitals organize a special Christmas day for their patients. Thus, patients who usually spend their days in hospital beds have a pleasant surprise on Christmas.

It is even more important that Christmas is celebrated in children’s hospitals, because they are the ones who truly believe in the magic of these holidays.

If you know a child who is spending this Christmas in hospital beds, you can bring a smile on their face by paying them a visit disguised as Santa. After all, you know that Santa never forgets to give presents to all children, regardless of where they are.

What is more, you can help the hospital organize a party-like afternoon for the children. You can share candies (as much as candies are allowed in their diet), toys, or small gifts which will not negatively affect their recovery process.

This Christmas you too can bring happiness to the ones you love, even though they are spending their holidays in a hospital. Try not to be affected by the fact that you are in a hospital; on contrary, think about this in the long run: it is all for the well-being of your dear one.

Pride Travel Scooters and Scooter Lifts in Birmingham

Pride travel scooters for improved mobility and independence

Here at Elrod we understand the frustration that mobility problems can cause. When all want to be able to go to the shop, run a basic errand or simply enjoy a day out in nature.  The good news is that we have solutions for you. Pride Travel Scooters is the answer to many of your transport needs.

We help the people ANNISTON, BIRMINGHAM, GADSDEN, HUNTSVILLE, MONTGOMERY and TUSCALOOSA solve their mobility issues.  If your mobility is impaired we have a scooter that will remove many of your restrictions and give you back your independence.  Pride travel scooters also come with all the bells and whistles that make it your perfect travel companion.

Models with enhances suspension enables you to enjoy the outdoor and those scenic routes. Easy handling and smooth performance makes going to the shop a breeze.. Now you don’t need to be stuck without transport when travel with friends or relatives. Feather light assembly and disassembly means you can take you Pride Scooter with you most places you go.

Whatever your handicap we have a scooter to match your needs. Check our brochure or speak to one of our friendly consultants and say goodbye to restrictions caused by mobility challenges. You deserve the freedom and independence that a suitable travel scooter will provide.

Pride Travel Scooter Lifts

Vehicles, doorways, steps, chairs and similar obstacles can pose access challenges for scooters and power chairs. That is when you need a Pride scooter lift to help lift your scooter over obstacles and obstructions. Our scooter lifts and ramps are packed with features that will simply your mobility issues and make your life easier and hassle free.  Ease of use, reliability and vehicle compatibility are just some of the features that makes our scooter lifts a must have to help you transport your scooter and navigate troublesome obstacles.

Our scooter lifts and ramps also come with all required accessories such as battery packs and chargers that make lifting or transporting your scooter or power chairs a breeze. Extend your reach with a Pride scooter lift or ramp.