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Motorized lifts and Wheelchairs for improved mobility

Motorized Lifts Gadsden: Motorized lifts and wheel chairs enhance the lives of millions of people with mobility problems. Elrod Mobility has long served the communities of ANNISTON, BIRMINGHAM, GADSDEN, HUNTSVILLE, MONTGOMERY and TUSCALOOSA offering state of the art lifts, wheel chairs and related mobility, rehabilitation and community care products.

We work closely with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, community nurses, hospitals and other role players to ensure we offer unmatched service and disabled access products to our customers. We take the time to understand your situation and your specific requirements. Our skilled and friendly staff will assist you with suitable product selections that will best suit you needs and offer maximum mobility and independence possible. We pride ourselves in our support and after sales service which ensures long-term and mutually beneficial customer relations.

Here at Elrod Mobility we understand the challenges that face people with special needs. Our motorized lifts address and solve many mobility issues and obstacles. From stairway lifts that easily get you up and down flights of stairs to home elevators that help you navigate and move between different floors and levels.  Whether you have a straight staircase or one that has bends, we have stair lift solutions that not only go straight, but can also turn corners and navigate curves.

We offer the Jazzy range of motorized wheelchairs that deliver the best benefits of power chairs including

  • Ease of use that improves your mobility and comfort
  • Manoeuvrability that gets you around small spaces and tight corners
  • Versatility means our mobility products match your lifestyle

All of our products are backed by factory warranties and are fully assembled and thoroughly inspected. In addition the commitment and dedication of our staff means we are always at your services and ready to help you become more independent, free and happy.

Walk In Showers | Walk In Tubs | Birmingham | Hunstville | Montgomery

Walk in Showers Hunstville: New bathtubs or walk in showers?

Walk in Showers Huntsville: When replacing the old cast iron tub you have two tempting choices: bathtub or walk in shower. Ease of installation and maintenance, material strength and the ability to save water – all these are factors by which you can buy a sanitary appliance to thank you in the long run. If you live in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery or Tuscaloosa you will surely find a company that can provide you with walk in showers and walk in tubs.

Whatever the pros and cons of bathtub or walk in shower, personal preference is the one that says the last word. The general trend is to replace modern shower tubs suitable for small bathrooms. If you are undecided, there are several criteria by which you can orient yourself:

1. Water consumption. One advantage of walk in showers is that it you can save water. At a quick shower you will only consume half cubic meter of water.

2. Maintenance. Email, tin or steel tub is harder to maintain. Having a large area is much more easier to be scratched. To clean it you put more effort and in time it may be necessary to enamel it. On the other hand, you can make a walk in shower to in a few minutes using cleaners for glass, enamels and plastics.

3. Bathroom space. In a modest bathroom, bathtub isn’t the best choice. However, if you do not want to give up this option, corner bath is the best. It is a good choice if you have a classic-style home. The walk in showers are suitable acquisitions in a modern house.

4. Assembly mode. Walk in shower tubs don’t require special installation techniques. If the parts of a walk in shower are not fitted tightly and are not well insulated, you may experience water leakage.

5. Fabrication material. Walk in showers with glass walls are fragile. One solution would be to buy a walk in shower of secured glass. Regarding walk in shower’s tub it would be better to be of acrylic.