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Home Elevators Huntsville: The benefits of lift chairs

 Home Elevators Hunstville: For homes with stairs, which in time, with age have become barriers difficult to reach, lift chairs are the one who transforms your living room into a friendly place. In the US there are companies who provide these kinds of chairs and you can find them in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

The lift chairs are intended for persons, with reduced mobility, which don’t use a wheelchair that is used in particular in residential spaces. It is a very useful elevator, which can be installed on any right scale with a width greater than 700 mm. The chair lift is designed in such a way that it does not alter the essential interior is very suitable even in heritage buildings. The engine power is provided with a 24-Volt battery that does not require maintenance. The controls are very simple, intuitive and usable even by those with limited dexterity. From the point of view of safety, the plant meets the latest industry standards. The vehicle stops instantly when meets an obstacle due to the five sensors installed on the support legs and the sides. Has a system of mechanical and electrical protection against running speed when descending. The seat is equipped with a seatbelt and armrests. Running speed is fixed, about 2.4 m/min.

The lift chair occupies very little space. In operation has the depth of 600 mm and when not in use, the legs fold vertically, occupying a minimum space of around 350 mm. Looking in the direction of ascent, the elevator can be installed on the left or on the right of the stairs. The seat safely supports a person of up to 125 kg.

All parts of the system are protected against corrosion with anodizing and painting in electrostatic field. The seat is upholstered with leather imitation material. Lift chairs are discreet and elegant, very silent and they can be installed quickly and easily.

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Scooter Lifts Montgomery:  Why Taxi Companies Should Have Compulsory Scooter Lifts Vehicles

Scooter Lifts Montgomery: Have you ever wondered why some taxies are so large… like minivans? It is because these vehicles are designed to transport a special type of clients: those who are using a wheelchair or scooter.

Maybe in Anniston, Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa these automobiles are not that popular, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be.

In fact, many people believe each taxi company should have a certain number of minivan taxies which are adapted to the needs of the physically challenged.

Here are some reasons why they support this idea:

  1. It is difficult for people to get on and off their scooters or wheelchairs. The wheelchair is the main means of transportation for someone who is physically challenged; you can thus imagine that getting on and off their means of transportation is not an easy job and requires a lot of time.
  2. People need a means of transportation that suits their situation. When you understand that at the end of the day these people prefer NOT to use the average car, you will see that your business as a taxi company can meet the requirements of quite a large number of prospects. Because of the reduced number of personalized scooter lifts vehicles, you could grow a business out of this faster than you’d think.
  3. People need a comfortable place to sit down during the trip. This goes without saying, doesn’t it?
  4. Time saving technique. The amount of time spent getting on and off the scooter is huge. So whenever someone who is physically challenged calls for a taxi, the taxi driver can spend a lot of time helping that person get in and out of the car. By sending a vehicle which is properly equipped to meet their needs you can save so much time and get more clients than you’d normally do.